Designing bold and unique interiors

I avoid clichéd and obvious solutions. I create a luxurious living space, focusing on quality, uniqueness and functionality.

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A manufacturer of interiors

which are unique, bold and not obvious ones.
A place where I think outside the box, fight tediousness and where I design interiors. .

Joanna Fabicka - projektantka wnętrz

Your interior designer would be me..

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Each interior is like a human being – unique, you just have to discover its true nature.

I make unique places for those who are bold and resolute, who value quality, functionality and ergonomics above anything else. Consistently, but far away from tediousness, I bring out into the open that which is the essence of this project.

I am a natural resource devotee, and I think these are the perfect background for living. I follow any newest trends, but I constantly seek new solutions, owing to which I give the interiors a clear-cut character and stress that which is unusual in them.

I create authorial interior designs in collaboration with the best subcontractors. I pay attention to each detail of the interior to be arranged, as it is this detail that makes the project a unique one. It makes us live in a more and more beautiful place, a place which is refined and intriguing.

You can see my interior design projects in many online, printed, and TV publications.
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