I’m back

I still get this feeling that writing is something that I truly enjoy, that’s why I’M BACK. Beside that – I discovered something lately and I thought that it’s incredibly compatible with my work and I need to share this revelation. This discovery is about the private zone but after all, working on interiors for you, I also touch it. Question how you like to live is essential.  

So starting from the beginning. I would like to share my recent experiences that have made me believe that – no matter how cheesy it sounds – everything starts in our minds.  Our fears, traumas, ideas – when confronted with reality, turn out to be not so terrible, actually exactly the opposite. 

I had this feeling particularly in one activity. Horse riding, which I’ve been scared my whole life. My wonderful child (big fan of this adorable animals as long as I can remember) came up with divine idea that it would be nice to do it together. 

She convinced me . I tried it. I fell in love. We are in stable often. It’s an incredible story how this animals have a fantastic effect  on your mood. When you over there, here and now only matters. Wonderful! 

In my life, I would not have thought that I would ride a horse – just as I would not have imagined a long journey… on a motorbike.

And guess what – it was one of my best journeys. This feeling of freedom that motorbike can give.  Definitely addictive.  Incredible smells: herbs, flowers, smoke, bbq. Noticeable temperature differences, warm and cold air on you whole body. And breathtaking views, of course. Madness.  I’m happy that I decided to try this madness.

In my work, often customers starts with classic, safe ideas for their interiors. Because they’re scared of opinion or simply that effect gonna disappoint them. I will always encourage you to risk. To give yourself a chance for something else. I repeat my slogan ad nauseam: DESIGNING IS LIKE GOOD PARTY – YOU JUST HAVE TO KEEP YOUR MIND OPEN. 

 So be brave, try with color, concrete, stucco in your interiors or at least in your head. 

PS I have one more fascinating story, you gonna like it! Stay tuned.


Meanwhile, J.