The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot

I have been running Wytwórnia for twelve years. I remember the beginnings – the day I registered it  being seven months pregnant. Huge unknown but great time. During all there years I had good and bad days as it always in business happens. But as very stubborn person, I like challenges in life, business and designing. After this time I can give you one advice – you should dream! I know it may sound cheesy but I really do believe in power of what you dream and plan. 

My greatest dream is kind of typical – to build my own house, where I will hide my family and friends. Where I can celebrate life and spend mornings with coffee and evenings with books. My great project. 

So I made decision that now it’s the time and I started. But decision is first step, realization is completely different story. It’s absorbing, energy-consuming, devouring. Creating the project would be much more difficult or maybe even impossible without my favorite architect – Grzesiek from MFA Studio in Gliwice.  

Please try imagine the cooperation of an architect with an interior designer. I must say unforgettable experience. Now I need to focus on what I like the most. Designing – choosing, looking for inspiration everywhere, creating, deciding. Please let me know if you want to join me in this journey. I promise it will be opposite of boring!